The Natasha Watley Foundation 5k (NWF5k)

The Natasha Watley Foundation 5k (NWF5k) is to maximize the awareness of the foundation while promoting active and healthy lifestyle choices for the youth of today. Our message is aimed to all age groups and cultures who are ready to make a difference in the rising generation. The NWF already encourages softball as an alternative outlet of daily stressors and the race will enhance community participation in fostering healthy decisions by running for a cause.

Race Goal

Although the main goal of the 5k is to raise money for the livelihood of the foundation, the NWF is using the race as a channel to encompass the community and surrounding businesses to participate and help the internal growth of today’s youth. As participants in the race, the foundation members are expected to go and use valuable skills thru networking and attempts to gain sponsorships for their place in the race. This will build self-confidence and enhance social skills which will be useful in the success of their future endeavors. By asking for sponsorships the youth are involved just as much as the community members and businesses.

Race Objectives

1) Partner with local businesses to successful advertise and promote the race while increasing brand awareness of these local partners.
2) Provide a great venue and atmosphere for a fun, unique and
competitive 5k race.
3) Have a large and diverse crowd of runners who decide to participant in the event because of the location, activities and cause.
4) Promote healthy and active lifestyles through physical activities
5) Have FUN for an Awesome cause!



The Natasha Watley Foundation (NWF) was founded by two-time Olympic medalist Natasha Watley to create opportunities for girls in underserved communities to learn and play the game of softball. NWF uses the medium of sport to inspire young women to reach their full potential while fostering character development and awareness of social issues that affect women.


The mission of the NWF is to empower young women to make healthy lifestyle choices, develop strong self-esteem, and to become leaders of character through participation and training in the sport of softball. The Natasha Watley brand is expanding daily. Natasha runs many camps and clinics throughout the nation, has an instructional DVD on the market titled “The Art of Slapping”, and sponsors a 10U team, in Southern California. Watley is very concerned with the development of today’s youth and cares deeply for underprivileged children.

Natasha-Watley-Foundation-4The Natasha Watley Foundation (NWF) is her newest expansion; which is a public, non profit, national community service organization. Watley uses NWF as a vehicle to help bring the sport of softball to young girls in the nation’s inner cities. The foundation provides an opportunity for young women to compete in leagues and on teams when financial resources are limited; and provides a positive alternative to the every day struggles they may endure in the inner cities.

Watch this video on the Natasha Watley Foundation.


The Natasha Watley Softball League was created, in collaboration with City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and the Natasha Watley Foundation, to provide girls living in underserved communities, the opportunity to learn and play the game of softball.

Established in 2008 with just a handful of girls and teams participating, the program continues to grow. This year, over 170 young girls, ages 9 to12, mainly of African American and Latino backgrounds participated in the summer softball league. Fourteen teams from twelve recreation centers (all located in South Los Angeles) competed from June through August. Many of the participants played softball for the first-time and learned life skills they will have for the rest of their lives.

The league has two very successful components besides the game of softball.  First, is the college mentor program. This program matches top female scholar athletes from universities nationwide who are originally from Southern California, with a local recreation center team. Each mentor is responsible for coaching, teaching the four points of the diamond, providing free instructional clinics throughout the year and recruiting young female athletes.The other popular component is an essay contest. Each player is responsible for submitting an essay based on the core values of character and the Four Points of the Diamond – discipline, dedication, dignity and duty. The winner (including a adult chaperone) receives an all expenses paid trip to the National Pro Fast pitch championship game and the opportunity to be involved in a special softball clinic taught by top female athletes in the sport.